Out of all our siblings, I hated you the least.


Thunder and lightning in Summerland, 2012

Kit Harington’s smile appreciation gifset.

Mantelliceras Ammonite Commune, Mesozoic Era, Lower Cretaceous Period


The balcoy scene - Sailor Moon Crystal

mythology meme:  [2/2] epics

↳ the poetic edda 

The Codex Regius, the original collection of material, was written down sometime in the 13th century. After its discovery, the skaldic poetry contained within was assembled into the epic known today as the Poetic Edda. The first part of the Poetic Edda tells stories of gods, and the creation and ultimate destruction of the Universe; the second part describes the adventures of several Norse heroes and heroines. Its companion is the Prose Edda, and together the Eddas are the primary source of Norse mythology and skaldic tradition. 

softwaring: Bromo at Sunset, Indonesia

[“Just being on cliffs. Even if I’m on the inside of the mountain I still feel like, ‘what if I just wheel the car off the thing?’”] It’s the fear of jumping, isn’t it? It’s not the fear of the height, it’s the fear of jumping. I have exactly the same thing. I’m that close I could just jump. It’s the same next to train tracks and things. It’s like when you’re on stage in the middle of a play, and it’s a children’s play, and sometimes your head just goes, “I could just say FUCK right now really loudly.” It’s the same thing. I find it very interesting. It’s your brain playing little tricks with you. [“See? You’ve got a nice smile but there’s a black heart beating in your chest, Kit Harington.”] (x)